Hotel Deals in the Peak Country

When you are shopping around for hotel deals in the Peak Country, there hundreds of amazing boutique hotels, bed and breakfast establishments and larger hotels to choose from. Prices will vary depending on what time of year you plan your visit, although how do you make sure that you get the best value for money, whether you are visiting in winter, spring, summer or autumn?


Firstly, if you are booking though are large established site such as or Expedia, make sure that you check the price directly on the hotel website as well. Often you will find that the prices is the same or maybe even lower though the third party site, although it is wise to double check this, as you may find better deals by booking with the hotels directly on some occasions. Also if the travel agent site is telling you that a hotel is fully booked in your desired days, never take that as a final answer, and always make sure that you ring the hotel directly to see if they have any availability. Hotels sometimes hold rooms back for that very reason, and even if you leave it late you may still be able to book.

peak district

If you do end up booking through one of those big websites, you might find that there is a promotional code or coupon which could give you an extra bit off the price, so it’s useful to look for codes online. In the past I have found vouchers which have worked on Money Supermarket, Fliggo the coupon website and VoucherCodeKing.

When you get to your hotel, the receptionist might ask you for an email to add to their database, and although this might seem annoying at the time, it is well with taking a minute to give them your details. The reason of this is that when your holiday is over, you may find that they send you exclusive deals and offer that you can take advantage of next time. Plus, if down the line you decide that you do not want to get these offers, you can always cancel your subscription easily enough.


You may find the room rates vary at weekends and weekdays, and sadly there is not very much that you can do about this, apart from try and arrange your stay so that it incorporates only the cheapest periods. Also, hotels and guest houses may offer three nights for the price of two at certain points of the year, so it is always worth keeping a close look on what promotions are currently available.